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Just a post to say that this journal is now totally friends only. Leave a comment if you want to be added! Here's a little bit about me.

I try to read and post regularly. I comment if I feel I have something to say. I'm a little shy about it at first but the longer I read the more I'll have to say. I don't expect a comment on every single thing I post so please don't expect that from me.

I've been here since 2003. I mainly write about my day to day life, sometimes exciting, sometimes not. I've meet a lot of great people and hope to continue meeting people!

A - Act your age - 41
B - Boyfriend - Caylon
C - Chore you hate - Washing clothes
D - Dad's name - Herbert
E - Essential make up item - Chapstick
F - Favorite actor - Leonardo
G - Gold or silver - Silver
H - Hometown - Mobile, AL
I - Instruments you play - none
J - Job title - Secretary
K - Kids - One-a 17 yr old boy
L - Living arrangements - with my son and my boyfriend
M - Mum's name - Gail
N - Number of people you've slept with - I plead the fifth
O - Overnight hospital stays - One
P - Phobia - roaches!
Q - Quote you like - Get it while you can cuz you never know when it's gonna stop!!!
R - Religious affiliation - I haven't been to church in a while.
S - Siblings - One sister-Jennifer
T - Time you wake up? - 555 a.m.
U - Unique habit - hmmm
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - squash
W - Worst habit - chewing my mouth
X - X-rays you've had - elbow
Y - Yummy food you make - spaghetti
Z - Zodiac Sign - cancer.

Susie =)

I'd like to *stay* added? :]

You're still here =) Thanks for wanting to stick around

I created a new account!! This one is going to be based around my WRAP business and my journey with IT Works!! Hopefully I can meet some new people and make some friends to make this interesting :)~

(Deleted comment)

First off, Susie was my Mother-in-laws name and she and I were best friends. Sounds unusual I know, just how it was. She used to tell anyone who would listen that we were attached at the hip. I was proud to be so close to her, especially after I left her son and he gave her hell for remaining close to me and attending my wedding to wackdaddy. So, hi Susie!

Looked at your list to find some similarities. . . I chew my mouth too. I absolutely freak at the sight of a roach. Good thing I don't have any. I seem to wake up at 5:55 a.m. too. Usually I get to go back after a while since I'm currently retired and have no where to go.

I love doing laundry. Nothing I like better than an empty laundry basket. But, I try to do smaller loads, it makes it easier all around, especially the carrying part. I was a secretary for many years. Loved it, when I had one boss and he respected me. Even after I left the job, we kept in touch by mail for over 30 years. My new father-in-laws name is Herbert.

Very interesting. I think it's great you have such a good relationship with your mother-in-law. As fa as the laundry is concerned, I guess I don't mind washing and drying so much as having to fold, hang up and put it away.

My Susie passed away in 2009. But, I've got my memories and a new Mother-in-law now. We have a decent relationship too. :)

Hello. Saw your add me post in an add me community.

Chapstick is a MUST HAVE!
I, too, am terrified of roaches.
I thought I was the only one who bites inside her mouth? :D
Spaghetti is YUMMY.

If interested, you may add me.

Thank you. :-)


You know, I had a friend who also maintained that Chapstick was all one really needed to carry around for make-up. I think she always carried the cherry one. Thank you for adding me back!

May I be added? :)


Ok I'm back to my old account!! New year new me right lol!! Well Im going to try to start posting again!! and get my LJ going...its a great release!! love you!!

Looks like I get on here once a year 😂😂😂

Yea, you should really try to get on here more!!!


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